• No-Backdoor-Bans



Extreme groups are pushing anti-business ballot measures aimed at shutting down any company, small business or industry they deem objectionable.  Disguised as initiatives increasing power for local governments, these measures would allow municipalities to dispel any business from its borders, as well as ban hydraulic fracturing.

Their attempts to ban oil and gas at the local level were unanimously rejected by a normally divided Colorado Supreme Court. And now they are trying to do it through the backdoor.

Don’t be fooled! Help us shine a light on these anti-business efforts by joining our team below.  Join Vital for Colorado as we support the efforts of Protect Colorado to fight these dangerous ballot measures.

More than 56,000 citizens, businesses, civic organizations, chambers of commerce and non-profit groups have signed the Vital for Colorado pledge – a pledge stating their support for a vibrant Colorado economy and responsible oil and natural gas development.  These irresponsible and extreme measures would allow local governments to take away private property rights without compensating owners, ravage the state economy and label Colorado as a hostile state to do business in.

Join Vital for Colorado and Protect Colorado – lend your name to the fight to defeat these anti-business and anti-energy bans.